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E-learning Reinvented

The end of scrap learning

Long term retention is key, but it's not happening. Blink utilizes frequent reinforcement, distributed practice and optimal use of feedback to create an interactive dialog between the learner and the content. Teachable moments are optimized. Scrap learning is minimized.

The end of training as an event

To successfully master new content, training must be ongoing, not thirty minutes once or twice a month. Blink training is a continual journey – employees can train anywhere, anytime on their mobile devices, in three to five minute bursts at a time.

The end of boring voiceovers and tiresome images

Blink teaches by questioning. If it was good enough for Socrates, it's good enough for teaching HR compliance or management skills or the advantages of a new medication. Blink courses are broken down into short and sweet bursts that are immediate, engaging and impactful.

The end of inconsistent interfaces and learning curves

All Blink courses are created with the same proprietary editor. The interface is consistent from course to course so there's no learning curve and employees can get right to the content.

The beginning of e-learning that works, so your employees can work better

Blink is an essential alternative – or reinforcement – to traditional e-learning. The Blink 'short bursts' model is supported by state of the art research and fits your employees' mobile information and entertainment lifestyle – with your company's courses easily accessed via the Blink app on iOS and Android devices.

An End-to-End Solution

Blink can help your employees succeed

As an alternative to E-Learning

We can take your content and create a much more successful training environment for your employees.

As an adjunct to Traditional Training

Whether you use digital, classroom or paper-based training, Blink can be used to highlight important concepts, check competence, and otherwise support and extend the learning experience.

As a post-Course Refresher

Blink is the perfect platform for a quick refresh on any content and helps with content retention.

What we offer

Custom Course Creation

We can build custom courses for your company to fill your employee training needs.

Adapting Your Courses

We can take training content you currently use and make it into Blink courses.

Reinforce your Training

We can create Blink courses that reinforce your current training methods to help boost retention.

License the Blink Editor

If you have a course creation team, we can license your company the Blink Editor on a per-seat annual cost basis. Your team can become proficient at creating the most engaging courses around.

Supported by state-of-the-art research

Distributed Practice

The Blink pedagogical model of short bursts over extended periods of time is supported by Seabrook, Brown and Solity (2005) who showed that recall of words among various age groups was six times greater with three two-minute daily sessions vs. one six-minute daily session. That same year, Rawson and Kintsch reported that college students who re-read a text with a week delay vs. two times immediately one after the other increased their long term retention of the content.

Cognitive Load Theory

This theory states that humans have a limited amount of working memory capacity and so training material should minimize extraneous 'noise' so the learner can optimize their focus and capacity. Blink adheres to this concept with a minimalist design that keeps the GUI simple and consistent and unnecessary art and audio to a minimum.

Variable Interval Reward Schedule

A variable schedule of rewards has proven to maintain motivation longer than a fixed schedule. Blink employs a variable schedule in rewarding gems so as to help keep the learner motivated.

Diverse Set of Delivery Media

Blink can stand on its own as a learning platform, but can also play an important role as part of a diverse set of delivery media which can spread practice over time. Such a diverse set of media has been found to improve long-term learning.

Blink Training: The New Way to Learn

Active and Participating

In most courses that you'll find these days, you just watch videos or read text or listen to a hyped-up voiceover as pictures fade on and off the screen. Completely passive.

Funny thing is: we learn best when we are active and participating.

That's what Blink is all about.

Small Activities teach Big Concepts

Blink courses use small activities to teach big concepts. It's the new way to learn and it can help you to improve your life, learn new skills, find success - efficiently and enjoyably.

Blink courses are fun to do and you'll get hooked.

Three-Minute Bursts Fit into Your Day

You play through our courses in three to five minute bursts, so Blink can easily fit into your busy day. While you're waiting for your café mocha, or for a meeting to start at work, or while your clothes are drying – whenever you have three minutes free, it's now an opportunity to learn something new.

Download our free iOS app today. Play our "What is Blink Training?" course to experience Blink firsthand.

And all our courses have free samples – so give them a try!

Retain More in Less Time

If you've had trouble retaining what you've learned in the past - it's not you, it's the teaching method. Blink combines frequent reinforcement, great feedback and lots of practice - and is supported by the latest research on how we learn and what motivates us to keep going.

With Blink, you're able to retain more in less time.

Our Courses: The Green and the Blue

Below is information about our current courses. We release more courses every few weeks, so download the app and discover what's new.

The Green Courses

Our Green courses offer deep and rich experiences that enlighten all of the author's themes. These courses include:

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill's brilliant positive thinking classic has enlightened millions. With this Blink course you can truly grasp his ideas and implement his program.

The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles

In this course, Wallace Wattles' powerful prose and life-changing ideas are made accessible so it's easier to bring his concepts into your life.

The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason

George S. Clason's timeless lessons wrapped around tales of the ancient city are brought to life, making them easy to take on your life's journey.

The Blue Courses

Our Blue courses cut to the core of the text and offer a quick way to internalize and implement the author's ideas. These courses include:

The Law of Success by Napoleon Hill

This new version of Napoleon Hill's seminal work will help you to learn and implement the principles upon which greatness is built.

Public Speaking to Win! by Dale Carnegie

This course will help you to learn and retain Dale Carnegie's winning formula for developing self confidence, opening and closing your talks and truly influencing your audience.

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy

This course is something of an interactive instruction manual for seeking a greater scale of life based on Joseph Murphy's message: new thought means new life.

Download our free app today. All courses have free samples – so give them a try!

The Blink Editor

The Blink Editor allows you to build the Blinks, Bursts, and Units that make up a Blink course. Within the simple structure we've created, there is vast creative freedom to create a new kind of learning on any topic.

The Blink Editor is being selectively licensed to individuals and companies that share the vision of teaching the Blink way.

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